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Current Courses

1) 2on-2off Contact Behavior – This course describes a step by step method of teaching a reliable 2on-2off behavior for use on the dogwalk, A-frame and teeter in dog agility.  SELF-STUDY.  Cost $60.

What students are saying about the 2on2off Contact Behavior Course:

Lori: “Love the online self study, I’m able to review the readings easily and watch the videos whenever.  The lessons are well written, and easy to follow, and the video just solidifies the information.”

Pam:  “My pup Jack and I have followed Anne’s contact behavior online course and found the training clearly defined and successful.  Jack understood the tasks presented to him and had great drive completing them correctly. At 11 months old Jack is demonstrating great 2on2off contacts thanks to Anne’s on line class. I would recommend this class for beginners and experienced handlers who want improved contact behavior.”

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2) Nick’s Boot Camp 101 – a Jumping and Handling Program for Technical Sequences in Dog Agility. SELF-STUDY  $75.

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Click here to read “Nick’s (Unfolding) Story and the Genesis of the Boot Camp Course”.